Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Room 5 Kidd-li-winks you have been an amazing group of children. You have all taught me throughout the year and taught each other many different things. What a kind, generous, caring group of children you all are... who I know will make a difference in the world.
We had many fun, exciting and challenging experiences throughout the year and you all showed your true characters. I will miss you all very much but will be checking in on you to see all your achievements and successes in years to come. 'Be the best you can be' You all lived up to that and made me and your parents very proud.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you in 2014 for more great adventures.
Merry Christmas from Chester.
His christmas present from his neighbour. 

Thank you for being a great blog audience. The Kidd-li-winks have now moved to Room 8.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Room 5 are making christmas decorations. Our first step was to paint fabric with fabric paint(they look pretty amazing). We made stockings, snowmen and bells. Both Mrs H and the Kidd-li-winks learnt how to thread a needle and sew. Mrs Beswick came to teach us some of her super sewing skills. We had to show determination because it is tricky.

It was time for the stuffing. This was the fun part- playing tug of war with the stuffing to get it out.

And Mrs Claus even came to Room 5.

We sewed the last bit together. It was a different kind of stitch. It was tricky. You can see by the faces of concentration.  
Our gorgeous decorations to hang on the tree. What a clever bunch of kids.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Directions for Santa

We have been learning about directions. 
Our saying to remember is
Never Eat Soggy Weetbix 
North, East, South, West

We made maps for Santa to get from the North Pole to New Zealand. 
We learnt lots about the world and how big other countries were compared to New Zealand. 
We wrote directions for Santa to make sure he could find our houses.

Nick's Map 
1. Start at the North Pole.
2. Go 1 square south to the Soviet Union.
3. Go west one square.
4. Then south 2 to Canada
5. South 1 square then west 1 square to Australia.
6. Go 2 squares south 1 square east then my house is there. 

Livy's Map
1. Start at the North Pole.
2. Go 1 step west.
3. Go 1 step south to China.
4. Go 5 steps east to Greenland.
5. Go 1 step south to Canada.
6. Go 1 step south and 1 step west to Fiji.
7. Go 1 step south to the North Island of NZ.
Buy me lots of presents and leave them at my house.
From Livy

Bella's Map
1. Start at the North Pole and go six squares east to you get to Canada.
2. Go three squares south and two squares west until you get to China.
3. Next go one square south. You get to India
4. Next go one square south and 2 squares west until you get to Australia.
5. Next go two south and three east until you get to my house and leave lots of presents. 
From Bella

Monica's Map
 1. Start at the North Pole and go 3 squares to the east.
2. Next go one square to the South and 4 squares to the west.
3. Next go 2 squares to the south and that is how you get to India.
4. Next go two squares to the west and this is how you get to Africa.
5. Next go two squares to the south and go 2 to the east and that is Australia.
6. Next go 4 squares to the east and 1 square to the south and go 1 more square west and that's Argentina.
7. Next go one square to the west and that is how you get to my home. 

Emma's Map
1. Go to France first. I step west and 1 step south.
2. Next go to Mongolia. 3 steps to the east.
3. 3thly go to China. 2 steps to the south.
4. 4thly 4 steps o the west to India.
5. 5thly go 2 steps south and 3 steps east.
6. One east and one south and then your at my house.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Science and Christmas mixed together

We began our science experiment making a creative shape out of pipe cleaners. We had to check our shape meet all the criteria.
*Shape touches the bottom of the jar
*The whole shapes fit inside the jar
*Shape does not touch the sides of the jar

Our good problem-solving skills came in handy.

We learnt about boiling water and that it is 100 degrees Celsius when it boils. We talked a lot about how to be safe around boiling water. The Kidd-li-winks were sensible and knew that only adults touch the hot hot water.

We carefully stirred borax into the water until it dissolved and then hung our pipecleaner into the mixture and left it and...waited to see what would happen.

Crystals started to appear after a couple of hours
The amazing crystal Christmas decorations.
It was fascinating science. Liquid turned into hard crystals.
They covered the whole pipe cleaner. Some parts had more crystals than other parts.

We used the magnifying glasses to look carefully at our crystals. 

Hope you all enjoy the decorations on your Christmas tree. I know I have made some for my tree. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

New species were found in Room 5

 Room 5 have been using their creativity to create different animals. They put different parts of animals together to make a new animal. All of the animals are very unique. The Kidd-li-winks also named their animal with a unique name.
We have also painted our animals. We have been learning to mix colours to make new colours. We had to be very careful when painting because our creatures are very fragile.

Made up of a snake and a snail
Made up of a lizard and a fly
Made up of an alligator and a lion
Made up of giraffe and an octopus

Made up of a bull and a shark

Made up of a bee, bird and a lion

Made up of a dog and a fish
Made up of a dolphin and a horse
Made up of a octopus, cat and a shark

Made up of a crocodile and a shark

Made up of a bird, giraffe and a pig

Made up of a caterpillar and a snake
Made up of a lion, tiger and an alligator
Made up of a flounder and a dinosaur

Made up of a shark and a crocodile
Made up of a tiger and a lion

Made up of a bear and an octopus

Made up of a lion and a dog

Made up of a mouse and an owl
Made up of a crocodile and a kangaroo

Made up of a bird and a bat

Made up of a hammerhead shark and a horse

Made up of a swordfish and a lion                                 

Made up of a bear, a tiger and an octopus
Made up of a jellyfish and a bear

Come to Room 5 to see the new species before they go to their new homes.