Monday, December 2, 2013

Science and Christmas mixed together

We began our science experiment making a creative shape out of pipe cleaners. We had to check our shape meet all the criteria.
*Shape touches the bottom of the jar
*The whole shapes fit inside the jar
*Shape does not touch the sides of the jar

Our good problem-solving skills came in handy.

We learnt about boiling water and that it is 100 degrees Celsius when it boils. We talked a lot about how to be safe around boiling water. The Kidd-li-winks were sensible and knew that only adults touch the hot hot water.

We carefully stirred borax into the water until it dissolved and then hung our pipecleaner into the mixture and left it and...waited to see what would happen.

Crystals started to appear after a couple of hours
The amazing crystal Christmas decorations.
It was fascinating science. Liquid turned into hard crystals.
They covered the whole pipe cleaner. Some parts had more crystals than other parts.

We used the magnifying glasses to look carefully at our crystals. 

Hope you all enjoy the decorations on your Christmas tree. I know I have made some for my tree. 

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