Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hello from around the world

Next term all the classes at Parkvale have a different country to learn about. Watch the video to see how to say hello in different ways around the world.  

Room 5's country is the Cook Islands. Kia orana Room 5.

We are going to make drums. If you have any large tins or containers for making drums could you please bring them into school in the first week of school. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Book Characater Day

It was book character day at Parkvale. What an exciting day with all our favourite characters around the school.
Book Characters on PhotoPeach

Read some of our fantastic writing about our chracters

Here are my clues for my book character day. He has a long tail. he is very smart. He has pointy ears. He has 4 children and a wife. He can dig very very fast under ground. He eats chickens. He has a small nose. Who can my character be?

It was Fantastic Mr Fox. I got my material from Spotlight with Mum. It was warm and snuggly the material colour was brown. I love being Fantastic Mr Fox.

Author Thomas

Everyone at the library came to life and they came into my classroom. They are fairies, ballerinas, princesses, wolves, foxes, police, turtles, Captain Underpants, Harry Potters and dogs and mermaids. My character is a mermaid it sways in the ocean. My hair do is bright pink it glistens in the sunlight. It was funny to still be wearing a tail and still be able to walk.

Author Mya

I am a pirate. i have a belt and a pirate hat and a feather. I have a parrot on my right shoulder and  it is made out of a balloon and paper.

Author Lucas

My costume is a character from a book. Her name is Rapunzel because her hair is golden and plaited and has a flower in it. Rapunzel's cloak is pink like a flamingo. She lives in a tower that is in the sky. When I was organising my costume dad looked on the internet to see what she looked like. This morning my mum helped me attach my wig to my real hair. My mum did a really good job because Mrs H and Livy tried to get it out but they couldn't. My hair is long like the wig but it is brown like dirt and not gold! I really enjoyed being Rapunzel!

Author Tayla   

Friday, July 5, 2013

Texture and Shading

We are learning about texture. We created lots of different textures for the different characters from the Hairy Maclarey books. Can you tell which character connects to each texture?

Hairy Maclary from tracey hill on Vimeo.

We also learnt about shading.
Our success criteria
*dark bits
*light bits
*medium bits
*leave white bits
I think the Kidd-li-winks did an amazing job drawing and shading the characters from Hairy Maclaery books and achieved all the success criteria.

Our art will be displayed in the library to celebrate Hairy Maclarey 30th birthday.

Click on the link Hairy Maclary Birthday Website to help celebrate the birthday month.


Pyjama Fashion Show

We loved coming to school in our pyjamas. Just for fun we had a fashion show. 

Pyjama Fashion Show from tracey hill on Vimeo.

We reflected on  our problem solving day using an App called Puppet Pals.

Reflection from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Reflection 2 from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Reflection 3 from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Problem Solving Day Parachutes

Our challenge was to create a parachute for Rapunzel to get down from her tower because the prince never came to rescue her.
We planned, made, tested, made changes, tested some more, made more changes, tested some more and made more changes. Finally we went to the playground to see if our parachutes would bring Rapunzel down to safety. Some very creative problem solving!

While we were testing our parachutes on the playground Mr Gifkins came past and wanted us to test the safest parachute with 'Rapunzel the egg' instead of 'Rapunzel the doll'.
The winning teams were Ella & Louie and Bella & Caitlyn. 

Problem Solving Day Cafe Nga Tipu

Nga Tipu had an amazing problem-solving day. Our first challenge was to, set our own table, make our own breakfast in Cafe Nga Tipu and do the dishes when we finished.
We had so much fun and solved our own problems along the way.
Breakfast time for the Kidd-li-winks

Monday, July 1, 2013

Making our writing exciting for the reader

 We used pictures to help inspire our writing. We acted out what would happen in our story using interesting vocabulary.
We tried not to tell the reader too much too early so they would want to keep on reading.
We then chose an ending for our story from the pictures.
What ending would you choose?

Here are some of the wonderful authors from Room 5

Down in the grasslands I was crouching low amongst the long grass. My ears were pricked up in the air to hear the group of antelopes near by. My stomach was rumbling because I was starving. I could smell them. I can't pounce yet because they aren't close enough. I have to wait patiently for them to get closer. And then pounce!I wrap my muscly legs around the antelopes body. My claws dug into him and he dropped to the ground.
Author George

I lion was peeking for food in the long grass. The lion was staying really still. he peered around to see if he could see any food and if he could hear anything. Suddenly he heard a galloping zebra and he pricked up hos ears because he heard the sound of the zebra nibbling the long green grass. Suddenly he pounced but he missed and suddenly something amazing happened to the zebra he was turning into a ...zebrafly! Two gorgeous wings came growing through his sides and the lion got a big thump because he landed on the hard ground. The zebrafly flew to a high nearby tree until the lion disappeared.
Author Emma

In the grasslands a lion was hunting for food. the lion was crouching on hos haunches. The lion was peeping through the long grass for some scrumptious food. A long way away he spotted a scrumptious stripey zebra. The lion will have to be very silent so the animals wont get to know that the lion is in the grasslands. The lion will quickly tiptoe to get his delicious food. Suddenly...the lion pounced onto the zebra. The lion put his claws inside the zebra's body and dug in deep. Suddenly... the zebra shrunk and he got magical wings! to fly away. The lion will come to the zebra and the zebra will flutter away from the lion. When the lion will keep on chasing the zebra. the zebra will keep fluttering away from the lion. the lion wins and the zebra loses.
Author Livy

In the grasslands a lion searched for food because he is hungry. He is peeking out of the grass. Suddenly... an antelope trip trapped by the lion. The lion zoomed to get the antelope. The antelope got scratched by the lion and bit him. When he got killed blood gushed out. He dragged it to his family. He shared it for breakfast!
Author Nick