Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tayla's amazing writing

Tayla wrote this exciting story. It was so good I had to put it on the blog for you all to enjoy. We have been working on our endings. I just love how her ending makes me laugh.

Ding dong the school bell went and all the children went to play on the field and playground. Some people on the playground were frolicking on the slide and other people were playing duck duck goose on the field. Suddenly... an enormous fat werewolf came and shocked the kids so much that they changed into a statue. The werewolf was chasing the children that were statues around the school and trying to ask the children if they would like to play with him but they just kept on running and running everywhere! The werewolf walked off feeling crushed because no one would play with him. The werewolf said to himself "Should I just play with the cows instead?"

Chemical Reactions

Our Science Experiment

Baking soda
Food Colouring

Some of our predictions were 
The cup will explode because it has an acid and an alkaline.
It will bubble everywhere.
The colour will change when the bubbles bubble. 

Baking soda tastes yuck! Well to most people.
First we put 1/4 of a cup of baking soda in a cup.

Adding a few drops of food colouring

Slowly we poured in the vinegar.
Something is happening!
A chemical reaction!
Waves crashing over the cup
Lava bubbling out of the cup
The vinegar mixed with the baking soda and made bubbles. The bubbles are carbon dioxide. It is a gas like in fizzy drinks.

Boom! The science experiment exploded out of the cup on to the table. It was a dark dark red. The bubbles bubbled up the cup. Pop pop pop pop went the devil bubbles. The explosion speedily happened. If you want to do this experiment you will need two scoops of baking soda one cup of vinegar and four little drops of food colouring. Next you have to put the colouring and the vinegar into the cup to make it go Boom! 
Author Emma

Bubble bubble bubble the magic ingredients over flowed like a fizzy drink. It was covering the container with vinegar and baking soda. It was a chemical reaction. When the soda was ready the chemical reaction gushed down the cup. The bubbles were pouring down the cup. Then the bubbles got on the plastic lid. There were bubbles all over the plastic lid and the table.
Author Nick

Boom! The experiment exploded with bubbles coming up and up. Soon we had to watch the experiment. Soon it rose up and red bubbles appeared up fast like the wind. the experiment looked like a volcano exploding down an angry mountain. First we put in baking soda. Next we put in any colour of food colouring. Then we put in vinegar. Suddenly the experiment exploded everywhere.
Author Isaiah

Pop pop the science experiment started to crackle and fizz over the rim of the cup. Blue crashing waves smashed into the hard sand. The bubbles rose quickly up so you have to watch carefully because I nearly missed the reaction. If you want to do this experiment you've got to use food colouring, vinegar and baking soda. First you put a third of a cup in your container. Second you drip in food colouring in your container. Last of all you deposit the vinegar in the container and something impressive will happen.
Author Beau

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Making colours

Beau had to show perseverance
to make his colour. Lots of adding.
Our challenge in maths was to make exact colours. We were like the paint shop where we had to match colours. We had the primary colours and had to use these to make new colours.

We had to calculate the how much of each colour we used.
George calculating how much he used
of each colour
Teague estimating how much more blue he needs
to make his green dark green

Calculations with a few water splashes

Boys making their colours 5mLs at a time

Te Au made his orange colour.

What a lot of fun with water everywhere. Surprisingly there was only one spill.  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Soccer Skills

 We are so lucky because we have soccer stars from Napier City Rovers to teach us skills. They are coming each Tuesday to teach us new skills.
This week we learnt how to dribble. 
To dribble we need to
*Use the inside, outside and the bottom of our foot
*Keep our eyes up looking out for other people (teachers can steal balls off you if you aren't looking)
*Have little touches so you have control of the ball. 
Listening carefully for our next tip to be great at dribbling


Beau doing the 'Happy Feet' skill.
Do you like his penguin arms?
We dribbled the ball around and when we heard the whistle we had to stop the ball with our foot and touch the ball with different parts of our body. It was a competition between the girls and the boys. 

I wonder who won the competition?
Can you use the clues in the picture to infer?

It was so much fun. We can't wait for next Tuesday. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fraction Relay

 We had fraction relays today. In teams we had to race each other to fill our containers up with different fractions of water. As well as learning about fractions and capacity we had lots of fun on a hot day.

Ready set go!
It is tricky working out 1/4 when the container
isn't see through
Measuring and checking it is 1/4 full.

Measuring to check the container is 1/2 full.
Running with a half full container
Is our bucket half full yet?

The whole relay
We had to be careful we didn't spill any. It had to be a whole container of water.
We have been learning how to order fractions. 1 whole is bigger than 1/2 and 1/2 is bigger than 1/4.


Saturday, October 19, 2013


Our peacock art took us a long time. Everyone had to show determination to complete their peacock to their personal best. Each peacock has many different patterns (we were learning about patterns in maths so we were pretty good at them). Everyone in Room 5 was so proud of their finished peacock. 
Peacock Art on PhotoPeach

The PTA Fundraiser
You can order calendars, cards and diaries with your child's peacock on them.
Calendars and cards $10
Diaries $15
All orders need to be in by Friday 1st November. 

Something Fishy

We watched this movie and used it as motivation for our writing. 

Something Fishy from J.J. on Vimeo.
We loved the movie especially the sock fish and the pants shark.

Quietly I was sitting on the sand drinking coconut juice. Suddenly I spotted a leaf glowing beside the waterfall. I picked up the key that was under the leaf and unlocked the door and went inside the hide out. Yipee this is mine. Slowly I opened the door and I found glowing rollerblades. I tried out the rollerblades and zoomed around. Captain Hook chased me to steal my rollerblades. I saw the leaf on Captain Hook's hook. I had to give Captain Hook my rollerblades to get the leaf and then I went back to the sand.

Author Justice

Mysteriously when I was on the monkey bars I kept following the monkey bars. Suddenly the monkey bars turned into branches and I ended up in a jungle. I saw two monkeys having a fight over a banana. It was really dark because there was lots of bushes and trees and they were covering the sun. I saw lots of snakes and other dangerous animals. Suddenly I heard something's a cheetah. I ran and ran as fast as I could. the cheetah wanted to gobble me up. Slobber was coming down the side of his lips. The cheetah's teeth were sharp as a crabs claw. I ran and ran and magically I was on the monkey bars again.

Author Livy

I was sitting on the toilet trying to read. I was doing a poo. Suddenly tinkle tinkle. I went down the toilet. I said to myself I wonder where I am? I know I'm in the pipe. I wonder where I am going to? Oww gross I'm in the sewer a long way from home. I hate rats. I'm with rats in the sewer. Go away rat! I said. Patiently I waited and waited. Suddenly Rats thousands of rats arrived. I teleported. Phew I'm safe and sound.

Author Louie

Mysteriously I was walking down the street...suddenly I fell down into the drain down the pipe and into the sewer water. There is all of the poos and wees dead mice and rats. It is gross and yucky. It stinks down there. It was dark and cold because there was no light in there. Suddenly I saw 24 big beady eyes in the water coming up out of the yellow water. It was starting to get creepier and creepier as I was walking in the sewer river. Just then I said "What could it be then...BOO. A big black green blue and yellow monster came out of the glowing water. Then he chased me back through the pipes but I was sprinting sprinting sprinting as fast as I could. He was about to get me but I ran away.

Author Mya

At school on the computer I was playing Angry Birds and talked to me. It said "Come in". I thought yes or no but I didn't get a choice it already sucked me in with its slingshot. "Ahhh" I screamed "Let me go". After that I got shot to whack a pig down. Bang I whacked a rock instead of a pig. After that I had scars on my face. Suddenly I saw an ice slide. I got my red angry bird friend to come and do it with me. We smashed some ice to make a skateboard. We zoomed down the ramp doing flips. Next the big bad pig came. It chased me out. I shouted "Bye friend". I ran to the school computer. Finally I am safe but somebody was following me. It was my friend.

Author Henrietta

In Room 5 we use pictures and movies from the Literacy Shed to inspire our writing. Click on the link to watch a movie for inspiration. Happy writing :)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Equals = the same

We have been learning about = and what it really means.
Did you know it doesn't mean the answer?
It means the same. Numbers on each side of the equal sign equal the same amount. It has to balance on each side.
We used the balance scales to come up with interesting equations that were equal on both sides.
Both sides equal 70
Checking it balances( is equal) on the scales.
Working together to make each side equal
Isaiah and George made their equation equal
Ella and Henrietta checking their equation balances (is equal)
A human scale. Was the equation equal?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Colour Science

We set up a science experiment with 3 cups. 1 was empty and 2 had coloured water. We used 2 paper towels to connect the cups.
We used our prior knowledge of what we use paper towels for to help us predict what might happen.
Some of our predictions
The paper towels will suck up all the water and there will be none left.
The water will move up the paper towels and go into the empty cup.
The water will mix and make an explosion.
The water will move up the paper towel and then drip on the table.
The colours will mix and make a new colour.
Room 5 decided they liked this idea and used their prior knowledge of mixing colours to guess what colour it would make.
We learnt some great new vocabulary.
Is a special science word for predicting.
Sucks up stuff like a sponge (with children making slurping sounds to explain it to each other)

Monica and Thomas made a Pic Collage to show how we carried out our experiment.

Amazingly the blue and yellow mixed together in the middle cup and made green water and the red and blue mixed together to make purple water.
We were left with a great Kidd-li-wink question. I wonder what would happen if we had lots of different colours and different cups?

Experiment photographer: Isaiah

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Music Video from the Exhibition

Drumming Cook Island Style from tracey hill on Vimeo.

If you have any photos of our art from the exhibition could we please have them to put on our blog. I forgot to take photos...ooops!