Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Soccer Skills

 We are so lucky because we have soccer stars from Napier City Rovers to teach us skills. They are coming each Tuesday to teach us new skills.
This week we learnt how to dribble. 
To dribble we need to
*Use the inside, outside and the bottom of our foot
*Keep our eyes up looking out for other people (teachers can steal balls off you if you aren't looking)
*Have little touches so you have control of the ball. 
Listening carefully for our next tip to be great at dribbling


Beau doing the 'Happy Feet' skill.
Do you like his penguin arms?
We dribbled the ball around and when we heard the whistle we had to stop the ball with our foot and touch the ball with different parts of our body. It was a competition between the girls and the boys. 

I wonder who won the competition?
Can you use the clues in the picture to infer?

It was so much fun. We can't wait for next Tuesday. 

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