Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tayla's amazing writing

Tayla wrote this exciting story. It was so good I had to put it on the blog for you all to enjoy. We have been working on our endings. I just love how her ending makes me laugh.

Ding dong the school bell went and all the children went to play on the field and playground. Some people on the playground were frolicking on the slide and other people were playing duck duck goose on the field. Suddenly... an enormous fat werewolf came and shocked the kids so much that they changed into a statue. The werewolf was chasing the children that were statues around the school and trying to ask the children if they would like to play with him but they just kept on running and running everywhere! The werewolf walked off feeling crushed because no one would play with him. The werewolf said to himself "Should I just play with the cows instead?"


  1. Well done Tayla! You hooked me in at the beginning of your story and made me laugh at the end. You are a very clever author!!

  2. Hi Tayla
    Loved your story. Wow! you use great words like 'Frolicking and enormous", well done. I really enjoyed the whole story line and especially the ending. Look out COWS!!!!

  3. Great Story Tayla! What would the cows think? From Henry

  4. Haha, great ending, Tayla! Your whole story had me interested and then that twist was just perfect. I can just picture those cows next to our school playing with the funny old werewolf.

  5. Awesome work Tayla!
    I love your story.
    I really did like the ending.
    Well done you are amazing.

  6. Great writing Tayla!!!
    I really like the story you made on the blogger.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Wow Tayla!
    That is a great story.
    I like how you used onomatopeia at the start.
    Well done;-)