Friday, November 1, 2013

Carbon Dioxide

We have been learning about carbon dioxide.
We tasted normal water from the tap
We made predictions about what would happen if we added carbon dioxide to the water.We are getting good at using our prior knowledge to make predictions.

Pushing the button to add carbon dioxide. It made lots of farting noises.

When we put carbon dioxide in the water we observed that it was full of bubbles.
Some of us didn't like it.

Some of us liked it a little bit.
We made lemonade. We started with lemon juice and water (they had to be equal amounts). 
We tasted it. 
We predicted what will happen when we added the baking soda.
Clever kids came up with A chemical reaction. 
They thought this would happen because the acid (lemon) was mixing with the alkaline (base).

Lemonade Making on PhotoPeach

We ran out of time to add a very important ingredient (the sugar) to sweeten the lemonade. 
I wonder if the lemonade will taste yummy with some added sugar?


  1. when I tasted the lemon juce with bakeing soda i think it tasted better

  2. nis fas Bella and Henrietta