Friday, November 8, 2013

Character Clues

The Magic Key Series is a real favourite in Room 5. The children have read many many different magic key adventure stories. 
Bottomly Potts re-read the stories to create character clues for others to guess who their character is. The character clues couldn't be too easy but needed enough information for people to read the stories and figure out who it is. 
Can you guess the characters?

 Created by Piper and Emma
 Created by Mitchell and Caitlyn
 Created by Louie and Skyla
Created by Thomas and Nathan


  1. good work Bottomly Potts

  2. great job Louie and Skyla I think it might be flopy

  3. i think that it is chip Thomas and Nathan

  4. What super clues Thomas and Nathan. I had to think really hard about who the character was!!