Sunday, March 31, 2013

Halves, Quarters and Shapes

Room 5 have been learning about halves and quarters in maths and 2D and 3D shapes. 
Halves, Quarters and Shapes on PhotoPeach

We also used the i-pads to draw on half and it copied it the same on the other half.

Can you see where Mitchell's and Skyla's picture cut in half?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Face Painting

Hercules Morse read Face Painting. It is a really interesting book that shows you how to paint faces.
Monica, Isaiah and Ella used the instructions in the book to paint faces. They read each instruction very carefully. Sometimes they needed to re-read to check they understood each instruction.

RE-READING so our reading makes sense is our goal in our group.

Look how carefully we followed the instructions in the book to paint the tiger face.

Sports Pals

The Sports Pals run lunchtime games for the younger children at Parkvale. They went away to a course to learn lots of games and chose Room 5 to practice their games on. Room 5 have met the Sports Pals on the field each lunchtime and have had so much fun playing lots of different games. Mrs Anderson and Mrs H were so proud of the Kidd-li-winks with all the respect and sportsmanship they showed. 
Thank you Sports Pals for great lunchtime games.


Lots of children in Room 5 are learning their doubles. Here some games and videos that may help.
Ladybird Doubles
Target Doubles
Doubles Bingo
Happy learning little Kidd-li-winks

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mystery Box

Here are Thomas' clues for the Mystery Box.

1) It is shiny and hard.
2) It is made of precious metal.
3) It is a circle shape.
4) It has a rope around it.
5) Dad keeps it safe in a box.

Leave a comment to guess what could be in the Mystery Box. Thomas will share with us on Thursday.
I wonder what it could be?

A medal
Well done Lucas and Livy for guessing.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Listening to Music

Room 5 have been learning to listen carefully to music. We have been listening for when the music changes speed and gets louder and softer. We ripped the newspaper slowly when the music was slow and fast when the music was fast. It was lots of fun. Watch the video to see what happened when we ran out of newspaper.
Music Fast Slow Loud And Soft from tracey hill on Vimeo.

We have been learning to hear different rhythms in music. We had fun doing the Dinosaur Stomp especially the dinosaur wriggle. 

Dinosaur Stomp from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Thank you Miss Wilson for teaching us all this fun music. We will miss you.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Special Things

Room 5 brought special treasures to Room 5 to share. The Kidd-li-winks shared their treasures with each other.
Listen to some of the amazing writing by the Kidd-li-winks about their treasures. Can you hear the important detail in our writing?
My Kitchen Written By Livy

Record and upload voice >> New Zealand Passport Written by Beau
Voice Recorder >>
My Special Laptop Written by Mya

Record and upload voice >> My Dog Written By Skyla
Record music and voice >> A big thank you to Hannah for teaching us how to use Vocaroo

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Measuring Ourselves

We are filling up our treasure boxes with special things about us.

Painting our hands were so much fun and ticklish.
Mitchell said "It felt like someone licking your hand".

Bella measured the area of her handprint.
Look how carefully she put the beans on so there
were no gaps.

Piper is checking she has filled all the gaps on her handprint.

Kady is measuring how many blocks tall she is.
Look how carefully she has put the blocks next to each other  along her piece of string.

George measured how tall he is in sticks.
I wonder why George is 11 sticks tall and Kady is 41 blocks tall but George is taller than Kady?
How does that work?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Reading Fun

The Hercules Morse reading group had their first play ever and loved it so much they read it again and again. Monica filmed their reading fun. Watch the end for some funny bloopers.
Reading Is Fun from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Tooth Fairy Writing

Room 5 are learning to add detail to their writing and use 'wow' words. We talked about our experiences with the tooth fairy. Some of us are still waiting for her to visit. Wiggle wiggle teeth!

I can't wait until my tooth comes out. It might sting. The man tooth fairy he will leave a dollar for me. He is a superman fairy. He has red undies on his pants. He swooped into my room to find my tooth and he could find it but it wasn't ready. He made peoples teeth into the statue of the saber tooth tiger. You can see the saber tooth tiger in the middle of tooth fairy town.
Author Mitchell

My tooth came out in the holidays. My Dad ripped it out with pliers. I heard her wings flutter flutter. The tooth fairy swapped my tooth for a two dollar coin. I put my dollar in my piggy bank.
Author Nick

I can't wait for my baby tooth to get out because the tooth fairy gives gold money to children! When my tooth fell out I put it under my pillow and the tooth fairy came to my bedroom. She gets my tooth. She doesn't want me to hear her. Then she takes the tooth to her house. She takes the tooth to a special tiny drawer and keeps them safe forever!. She takes the teeth to her house and she makes the teeth into tiny piano keys. She makes them for other fairies with the kids teeth that she collected. The teeth are strong for the piano. The teeth are glued with fairy dust in a straight line. When the other fairies get the piano they play music.
Author Piper

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Up close and far away

Room 5 have been learning how to show things up close and far away in our artwork. You will see the things up close are big and the things far away are small.
We used gorgeous Te Mata Peak as our inspiration. Lots of us had many experiences to share about our time at Te Mata Peak.

 Te Mata Peak Art on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Birthday Bear Maths

The compass maths group have been organising a birthday for Mrs H's bear. He is turning 10.

They made birthday hats for the guests to wear. Each hat needed to have 10 shapes on it. The boys worked out how many different ways they could make 10.
Nick had 6 diamonds + 2 hexagons + 2 triangles= 10 shapes.

 Declan made a birthday cake for the bear with candles.
He used 4 green + 2 blue + 3 Yellow + 1 red = 10 candles
Lucas made a cake too.
He used 5 green + 4 yellow + 1 red = 10 candles

We have been making 10 lots of different ways.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Mystery Box

Mitchell has created our Mystery Box.
His clues are
*It has big chunky wheels.
*It makes loud revving sounds like vroom vroom.
*It has a driver.
*It can drive over cars and big things.
*Travis Pastrama did a back flip in one.
*It has a roll cage inside it.
*This one is called a Grinder!

Can you guess Mitchell's mystery item?
Leave a comment with your guess.

It was a... monster truck.
Great clues Mitchell.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Circus Tricks

The Muffin McLay reading group read a really interesting book called Circus Tricks. After they read the book they followed the instructions. Watch the videos to see the clowns at work.
Circus Tricks from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Circus Tricks 2 from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Circus Tricks 3 from tracey hill on Vimeo.
What did you think of the amazing Room 5 clowns?

Saturday, March 2, 2013


What an amazing event our Duathlon was. Mrs H was so so proud of the children showing determination to be the best they can be. Lots of us were very nervous before the race but afterwards the Kidd-li-winks were asking when they could race again.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Mystery Box

In Room 5 we have a Mystery Box. Each week one of us put something in the mystery box and write some clues for the rest of the class to guess what it is. We read the clues and think carefully in our head about what it might be. When we read the next clue we change our guesses in our heads. That is what super readers do.
Teague was the first person to put something  in the mystery box. Here are the clues he gave us.
*It is made out of wood and plastic.
*It can be many different colours.
*The surface is smooth and hard.
*It works best on the concrete.
*You need to make it move.

Great clues by Teague. His mystery object was...
A skateboard

Watch out for Mitchell's clues coming soon. We will post our clues each week  so you can comment and leave your guess.