Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Birthday Bear Maths

The compass maths group have been organising a birthday for Mrs H's bear. He is turning 10.

They made birthday hats for the guests to wear. Each hat needed to have 10 shapes on it. The boys worked out how many different ways they could make 10.
Nick had 6 diamonds + 2 hexagons + 2 triangles= 10 shapes.

 Declan made a birthday cake for the bear with candles.
He used 4 green + 2 blue + 3 Yellow + 1 red = 10 candles
Lucas made a cake too.
He used 5 green + 4 yellow + 1 red = 10 candles

We have been making 10 lots of different ways.


  1. I love your party hat and cake Lucas! Well done

  2. Well done Compass group!! What clever ways of making 10!! From Mrs Potts

  3. wow Lucas Declan and nick good work for making bears birthday stuff in maths.

  4. Good work boys keep up the good work