Friday, March 15, 2013

Tooth Fairy Writing

Room 5 are learning to add detail to their writing and use 'wow' words. We talked about our experiences with the tooth fairy. Some of us are still waiting for her to visit. Wiggle wiggle teeth!

I can't wait until my tooth comes out. It might sting. The man tooth fairy he will leave a dollar for me. He is a superman fairy. He has red undies on his pants. He swooped into my room to find my tooth and he could find it but it wasn't ready. He made peoples teeth into the statue of the saber tooth tiger. You can see the saber tooth tiger in the middle of tooth fairy town.
Author Mitchell

My tooth came out in the holidays. My Dad ripped it out with pliers. I heard her wings flutter flutter. The tooth fairy swapped my tooth for a two dollar coin. I put my dollar in my piggy bank.
Author Nick

I can't wait for my baby tooth to get out because the tooth fairy gives gold money to children! When my tooth fell out I put it under my pillow and the tooth fairy came to my bedroom. She gets my tooth. She doesn't want me to hear her. Then she takes the tooth to her house. She takes the tooth to a special tiny drawer and keeps them safe forever!. She takes the teeth to her house and she makes the teeth into tiny piano keys. She makes them for other fairies with the kids teeth that she collected. The teeth are strong for the piano. The teeth are glued with fairy dust in a straight line. When the other fairies get the piano they play music.
Author Piper

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  1. Angela TownsendSunday, March 17, 2013

    I love your story about the Toothfairy Mitchell! It was very descriptive. I wonder when the Superman Tooth Fairy will swoop in to collect your tooth? It's so cool that he can make statues of Saber Tooth Tigers out of teeth!