Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hundreds, Tens and Ones

The Thermometers maths group built the Little Pigs Houses out of hundreds tens and ones. They had a certain amount of money to build their houses. There were lots of wonderful discussions about how many 100s, 10s and 1s were in numbers. 
Beau's Little Pig House Livy's Little Pig House
 Louie's Little Pig House It cost $623 to build Bella's Little Pig House Piper's Little Pig House

Thank you for the wonderful idea Lemonade Stand.

Reading to create

Thomas and Declan used instructions they found in books to create these amazing creatures. Books have many different purposes and these boys have used books to help them make something. It is just like how we followed instructions to make our treasure chests. Well done boys.
Mammoth made by Thomas

Penguins made by Declan

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Treasure Chests

The Kidd-li-winks have been making treasure chests. We have been practising lots of skills like measuring, cutting,sticking, gluing, painting and cleaning.
We had to show a lot of determination because we found lots of parts tricky. We learnt if we don't give up and keep trying we can learn how to do it. We also learnt how important it is not to rush. In Room 5 we take our time and do our personal best. 

Here a some of the amazing treasure boxes the Kidd-li-winks have made. Come into Room 5 to see them all.

Tens and Ones

We have been learning about how many tens and ones are in two digit numbers. Our challenge was to make the first letter of our name with the right amount of tens and ones.
Tayla making her T with 51.
There are 5 tens and 1 one.
Isaiah's I is made with 44.
4 tens and 4 ones.
Mitchell's M is made with 42.
4 tens and 2 ones.

Emma wanted a really big E so she chose 80.
It has 8 tens.
If you wanted a small letter what number would you choose? If you wanted your letter to be big and bold what number would you choose?
Monica made her initials using the right amount of tens and ones.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bottomly Potts and the dr sound

The Bottomly Potts reading group created pic collages to help us when reading and writing the dr sound. We had to think carefully about all the things around the school that started with dr and take photos with the i-pads. Mrs McFadyen came in to Room 5 and taught us how to turn the photos into a pic collage.



Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dacta Creations

We have been making monsters and robots out of dacta. We worked with our learning buddies to make our creations.

This is Room 5's success criteria for being a great learning buddy
*To help each other
*To speak nicely to our buddy
*To share and take turns
* To tell our buddy all the great things they do.

 At writing time we wrote about our robots and monsters.
Read some more writing from the superb authors in Room 5

My monster breathes fire and it can shoot. It's name is Fire Blaster. He can fly like a hawk. He can swim like a shark. Author Mitchell

My robots name is Roger. My robot is long. It cuts the trees for me. It can mow the lawns. My robot is red. I keep it in my wardrobe. Author Beau

My robot has eyes on its legs and arms. His name is Stretchy because he can stretch to the sky. It sounds like this pffff when he starts. He can change form into a racing car. It can go up the side of a building because he has a jet pack to zoom up high. It can go really fast. Author Henrietta

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Monster Hunt

We were sitting quietly and listening to Mrs H and we heard a funny sound so... we went on a monster hunt.

Our monster hunt was inspired by a famous story We're Going on a Bear Hunt    

Read some of the stories by the wonderful authors in Room 5.

We went on a monster hunt. I wasn't scared. There was a puddle. We went through the water. Swish swosh went the water. We went through the storm. We went through the forest. BOO said the teacher monster.
Author: Ella

The monster hunt was fun because we went through oozy mud. we went splash splash splash through the puddles. We listened to hear as the monster went boom boom boom! It went in the cupboards, on the shelf and under the tables.
Author: Faith

We went on a monster hunt and there was a puddle. We went through the stinky mud and we went over the road and BOO said the monster. I ran away. I was scared a little bit.
Author Declan

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Room 5 are super lucky because they have an amazing buddy class. Room 16 came swimming with us today and helped us practise our swimming goals. It was lots of fun and we learnt lots at the same time.
Hannah and Monica practising gliding
Tummy up
Long body
Henry and Declan in the middle of the
pool being sharks.

Louie like a rocket ready to glide.

Tracey and Emma learning the starfish
Lily and Mya gliding along in perfect
 Mr Moriarty made a video about swimming with our buddies. Click on the link to watch the video on The Tree of PRIDE blog Room 16 Buddy Swimming Video

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Room 5 Animals

We used the i-pads to turn ourselves into animals. Room 5 children were great problem solvers and very creative in turning themselves into an animal.


 Room 5 Animals on PhotoPeach
Justice the bee

Nick the dinosaur

Monday, February 4, 2013

Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight from tracey hill on Vimeo.
We learnt about each other today. We wrote down things about ourselves and screwed up our writing (with some convincing) to make a snowball. We had a snowball fight and then had to work out whose writing we had. Watch our video to see how hard we can throw a snowball.

Code Hunt

Mrs H was so proud of the Room 5 Kidd-li-winks during their hunt around our class and school.
*They worked well with their buddies
*They showed determination
*They had fun with their learning

We used the i-pods to scan QR codes around the school to find out a message Mrs H left for us.

The message we found was