Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dacta Creations

We have been making monsters and robots out of dacta. We worked with our learning buddies to make our creations.

This is Room 5's success criteria for being a great learning buddy
*To help each other
*To speak nicely to our buddy
*To share and take turns
* To tell our buddy all the great things they do.

 At writing time we wrote about our robots and monsters.
Read some more writing from the superb authors in Room 5

My monster breathes fire and it can shoot. It's name is Fire Blaster. He can fly like a hawk. He can swim like a shark. Author Mitchell

My robots name is Roger. My robot is long. It cuts the trees for me. It can mow the lawns. My robot is red. I keep it in my wardrobe. Author Beau

My robot has eyes on its legs and arms. His name is Stretchy because he can stretch to the sky. It sounds like this pffff when he starts. He can change form into a racing car. It can go up the side of a building because he has a jet pack to zoom up high. It can go really fast. Author Henrietta


  1. Awesome room 5,
    I love the monsters and robots
    that you made.

  2. Sharyn and Michael HeibnerMonday, February 18, 2013

    Fantastic writing Beau,
    Dad and I think you should make Roger the Robot bigger so you can use him at home doing the lawns and cutting our trees, then Dad and I can have the weekends off.
    Keep up the great work.
    Mum and Dad

  3. Great monsters and robots Room 5!!!!!! Well done!!!

  4. Great work Room 5! The monsters and robots look so cool and I enjoyed reading all the stories. 'Fire Blaster' is a cool name for a monster Mitch :-)