Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Magic Key

We have been reading a series of books about a magic key. We have really enjoyed reading about the characters adventures. We wrote our own versions of a magic key adventure.

Poof went the glamorous box. "Oh no" I said "Something terrible is happening." I went to get Beau he said "What is happening?" I said "We are shrinking". "Oh no" Beau said "what is going to happen?". Suddenly we saw a mammoth sized shadow it walked on four legs it had baggy ears it was! His mouth had a pillow he was ripping apart and all the feathers went everywhere. When he was finished his mouthful he started to get closer and closer and Beau said "Uh oh" because the dog was getting closer. Luckily the dolls house was unlocked so we could get in but when we got in the dog's nose and mouth was sticking in the window and its jaw was trying to catch us. Suddenly the key began to glow so we quickly ran out of the dolls house and we got bigger and bigger.
Author Bella

I saw a big black box. I yelled Mum Mum. Mum yelled back and said "What's up?" I said "Forget it". Then Mum lept out of bed and ran into my room. Mum said "Give me that" then Mum opened it then...Poof. I turned into a legoman. I had holes at the bottom of my feet. I saw my lego motorbike and my lego house. I went to my motorbike... Brrm brrrm. Mum said "My lord". I laughed khhhh. Mum jumped on to my motorbike. I drove her around the house. Ahhhh we saw a humongous cockroach. I ran it over. the cockroach was flat as a flatfish. Poof I ran out with mum behind me. As we were running we got bigger and bigger. Finally we were us.
Author Louie

Crackle fizz! A treasure chest lid flung open. I woke up and then I hoped out of bed and put my slippers on and looked under my bed. I saw a key in the reasure chest. I yelled "Paige". She came running in she said "What". I announced "Paige I think this is a magic key". She was so surprised that she froze into an ice cube. Then we shrank into little fairies. Paige was so surprised that she unfroze. The magic grew yellow and we went into a purple tunnel. While we were in the tunnel we grew wings. We did not know that a rat was following us so we looked behind us and saw it. We said together "You mischievous rat". "Why are you following us?" He said "Because I want to eat you up for dinner". We screamed! We flew all the way out of the tunnel. Then...bang we fell out of the tunnel. "Ouch" we gasped. We were in a dolls house. We were just quietly exploring when... bang! bang! bang! Something was walking down the stairs. We were so afraid that we ran out of the dolls house down the magical tunnel ran in the room and grabbed the magic key sat down and shook the magic key wishing to be big again! The magic key would not work everything was so big so me and Paige just slept in my slippers. the slippers were like beds. It was so comfortable in my monkey slippers! In the morning we were in my slippers and were big so we were stuck! We wriggled and wriggled and still could not get out! So we stammered "Mum". She came rushing in and said "What". We said "We're stuck". She helped us out and we told her about our adventure. She said "Wow" after we told her.
Author Tayla
Wouldn't it be fun to have a magic key? Where would you go with your magic key?

Schnitzel Von Krumm have been really enjoying reading the Magic Key series. After reading they made a Pic Collage about where they would love the magic key to take them.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Hula Cook Island Style

We had a special visitor in Room 5, Alice. She taught us the hula.
She bought in pareau and tied it on some of us.  

 Learning the hula was tiring. We showed determination and kept trying and trying.
"It's hard to do two things at once" Teague It was hard to do the legs and the arms at the same time.
The boys and girls have different movements.  

Cook Island Dancing from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Goodbye Miss Wilson

Room 5 have been so lucky to have Miss Wilson teaching us. We loved having her at the beginning of the year and back again for the last 4 weeks. We will miss her lots and lots.
Emma and Mitchell made her an amazing card from Room 5.
Miss Wilson was very sad to say goodbye to the wonderful
children in Room 5.

Room 5 wish you all the best with your school work and can't wait for you to come back and visit us.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Learning About Time

We have been learning about time. We have learnt to read o'clock and half past on an analogue and digital clock and are working on quarter past and quarter to. We have been using our clocks to help us practise our multiplication.
Declan is counting in 5s around the clock.
He worked out there are 60 minutes around the clock.
Te Au used his clock to practise skip counting forwards
and backwards in 5s.

Isaiah, Mitch and Kady made their own clock out of blocks.
They have 60 minutes around their clock in groups of 5.
They showed super teamwork.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Earthquake shakes NZ and Room 5

The quite big earthquake on Friday shook Room 5. Mrs H was very proud of the Kidd-li-winks and how they remembered exactly what they needed to do to keep safe during and after an earthquake. Everyone in Room 5 was calm and very sensible.

We created pieces of writing to explain what an earthquake is and what we need to do if there is an earthquake.

In an earthquake you need to drop cover and hold. how an earthquake is made is that there are two platforms under the ground that bump up and down and go on top of each other to make an earthquake. In Christchurch there are gigantic earthquakes. Sometimes the buildings fall down because the earthquake is so strong. In Hastings we had a mammoth sized earthquake! before Mrs Rose was born before Mrs Coombs was born. It was in 1931. Everything was crashed to the ground. I hope we will not have one big one like in 1931!
Author Tayla

In a earthquake we have to get under a table and hold on to a leg to protect our head. The ground shakes and then we have to be a turtle so we can be safe. When the earthquake stops you can come out.
Author Te Au

An earthquake is two big plates bumping into each other and going down on top of each other. The earthquake shakes the whole earth and the world. I heard the rumbling under the ground. I went under Mrs H's writing table into a turtle shell and I held my head  so I can protect it so my brain doesn't break. Then I can't learn.
Author Kady

In an earthquake the ground moves like swaying waves. Sometimes the plates crash together under the ground and make a rumbling sound. You have to get under the table and when you go under the table we put our hands over our head. We stay under the table until the earthquake stops.
Author Monica

Assembly Item

Room 5 are performing at the school assembly. Please note: This date has been changed to Friday 20 September. We would love to see you there. You may even learn how to crack open a coconut.

This is one of the songs we need to learn. Have fun practising and learning how to say hello in lots of different ways.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Making our writing interesting for the reader

We read a very funny book about what teachers do when the kids go home. If you haven't read it before you should.
We used the book as inspiration for our writing. We used humour to make our writing funny for the reader because that is what we liked about this story. 

Ring ring ring schools finished for the day YAY! The teachers all have ... fun. There's lots of food. A teacher even thew a pizza onto the wall like a frisbee. Then theyall said "Food fight!" Mr Cottrell didn't like peas so he threw them on Mrs Coombs glasses. Splat! And she couldn't see. Suddenly! a pavlova was thrown across the room and splashed on Mrs Heibner's face. With her fingers she wiped it on her face and tasted it. She said yum. They all had to clean up before the kids had to go back to school. When the kids came back to school they on the floor.
Author Skyla

Ding ding ding. The children ran to the school bus. But the teacher were planning something. What are they planning? They made paper aeroplanes. They threw them around. They made a water slide in the hall. They found a room. They put goggles on and they made an experiment. Suddenly...boom! Then they went to Room 5. They partied and the door opened and in came Mr G. He shouted "WHAT ARE YOU  DOING! Can I join? "Yes" said Miss Wilson. Mr G joined in . Then the children went to Room 5 and partied as well. They partied all the way to lunch.
Author Thomas

Ring ring ring ring schools over kids. The kids go running around school looking for their parents. The teachers grab their tummy stuffers and put their pillows in them. They squash them in their t-shirts. The bump into each other. Boom boom. The principal told the boy teachers to do ballet. The boys had to wear tattoos and they had to twirl in circles on their tippy toes. Some boy teachers bumped into the wall 'Ouch."
Author George

After school teachers start to play with nerf guns. They pulled the trigger...boom bang! the guns go. They go wild. One bullet gets stuck on Mr M's bottom. It went so fast it made a mark on his bottom. Now they start to zoom around the corners on scooters. They went up ramps and did tricks. They did tail whips back flips and loopty loops and the sun began to go down. During the night they played Mine Craft. They built towers houses rollercoasters. They were staring at the computer screen. they didn't realise the sun coming up. Whoopsys! The suns coming up. "Teachershurry up and clean with me" yells Mrs H.
Author Beau 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Over arm throw

We are learning how to throw overarm. It is used in lots of different sports. Mrs T taught us a rhyme to help us remember all the steps in an overarm throw. Watch the movie to learn how.
Over Arm Throw from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vocabulary Building

We are building our vocabulary. One of the ways we do this is use the interesting words in our reading lots of times so they become part of our vocabulary.

Bitzer Maloney made a Pic collage of new words they learnt while reading. They had a choice of drawing a picture, writing words that mean the same, writing a sentence with the word in it, finding a picture off the internet. They also put the sentence from the book to show how the word was used in the story.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cook Island Drums

We made Cook Island drums so we can use them to play and learn about music. We had to use our problem solving skills from our last unit to create our drums.

Cook Island Drum Making on PhotoPeach

Before we got the balloon pump Mya learnt how to blow up a balloon. After a few attempts, a lot of laughs and a balloon flying around Room 5 we got there. Great perseverance Mya. 

 Here are our amazing Cook Island drums. 

Thank you so much to the parents and grandma that came and helped us on Friday. We couldn't have done it without you.We appreciate you giving up your time. 

I can't wait to hear what all the drums sound like together.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Magical Fairy Dust

We were sprinkled with magical fairy dust and we could go to any place we imagined.
Our challenge was to paint a picture for the reader. We did this by using interesting vocabulary and using our senses. 
Check out some of our adventures.
One day a witch made a curse on me. I went to a haunted haunted hotel with zombies and ghosts. The ghosts are killer ghosts. It was a rocket hotel that goes to the moon for the aliens to have a colossal midnight feast. Eyeball girl soup, slugs and blood milkshakes and girl pies. They played with knuckle bones made from the girl hands. If they try to escape a loud siren goes on and then they have to do a pass
code.   Author Teague

Today something very special happened. I got a magic spell put on me. I stamped my feet three times one two three and poof! Suddenly I turned into a stunning mermaid and I found that i was in Mermaid Land. When I turned I could see seaweed going side to side. I could hear the waves going swish swish! Suddenly I could hear something coming through the water wooosh! Then a voice shouted out "Hello my name is Rosy" they swam along together. They came across a dolphin that was stuck in a net so the mermaids ripped the net apart. The dolphin thanked them and they became friends and they swam away together.
Author Bella

Something sprinkled on my head. Suddenly I arrived at the hotel for monsters. There were vampires . It was at night. There are ghosts with glasses and red curly hair. There are ghosts coming out of the chimney. There are ginormous monsters with big blue skin. The hotel is brown with a green roof. When I was in the hotel it was dark and scary. The monsters had stairs because there are heaps of monsters and they need room to sleep. The people that sleep in the monster hotel the monsters scare them away to the forest and they will never return again.
Author Isaiah

I had glitter sprinkled on my head. It took me to a dragon world. The dragon let me get on him. A knight tried to kill us. Luckily the dragon and I were on a high rock. The dragon breathed out fire and killed the knight. It was a frosty day my dragon kept me warm by making a fire to keep us warm. My dragon went out to hunt for a deer to eat. Then the dragon brought the deer back. The dragon heated the deer up to eat. At night we went in our cave. I went to sleep. My dragon put his tail around me and protects me from predators. 
Author Mitchell    

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Division with remainders

We are learning to solve division problems. Sometimes problems do not share into equal groups and there are some left over. In division these are called remainders. Our challenge today was to find out how many weeks babies were in their mothers' tummies. It was a challenge.
Bella, Teague and Henrietta shared their learning on the interactive whiteboard.

A cat is in the mums tummy for 63 days.
Thomas worked out it was 9 weeks
 63 divided by 7= 9
A possum is in the mums tummy for 12 days.
Caitlyn worked it out it was 1 week and 5 days.
12 divided by 7= 1 r5

A challenge for you to try.
A human baby is in the mothers tummy for 9 months. How many weeks is it in her tummy?
How many days would it be?