Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Earthquake shakes NZ and Room 5

The quite big earthquake on Friday shook Room 5. Mrs H was very proud of the Kidd-li-winks and how they remembered exactly what they needed to do to keep safe during and after an earthquake. Everyone in Room 5 was calm and very sensible.

We created pieces of writing to explain what an earthquake is and what we need to do if there is an earthquake.

In an earthquake you need to drop cover and hold. how an earthquake is made is that there are two platforms under the ground that bump up and down and go on top of each other to make an earthquake. In Christchurch there are gigantic earthquakes. Sometimes the buildings fall down because the earthquake is so strong. In Hastings we had a mammoth sized earthquake! before Mrs Rose was born before Mrs Coombs was born. It was in 1931. Everything was crashed to the ground. I hope we will not have one big one like in 1931!
Author Tayla

In a earthquake we have to get under a table and hold on to a leg to protect our head. The ground shakes and then we have to be a turtle so we can be safe. When the earthquake stops you can come out.
Author Te Au

An earthquake is two big plates bumping into each other and going down on top of each other. The earthquake shakes the whole earth and the world. I heard the rumbling under the ground. I went under Mrs H's writing table into a turtle shell and I held my head  so I can protect it so my brain doesn't break. Then I can't learn.
Author Kady

In an earthquake the ground moves like swaying waves. Sometimes the plates crash together under the ground and make a rumbling sound. You have to get under the table and when you go under the table we put our hands over our head. We stay under the table until the earthquake stops.
Author Monica