Friday, August 2, 2013

Magical Fairy Dust

We were sprinkled with magical fairy dust and we could go to any place we imagined.
Our challenge was to paint a picture for the reader. We did this by using interesting vocabulary and using our senses. 
Check out some of our adventures.
One day a witch made a curse on me. I went to a haunted haunted hotel with zombies and ghosts. The ghosts are killer ghosts. It was a rocket hotel that goes to the moon for the aliens to have a colossal midnight feast. Eyeball girl soup, slugs and blood milkshakes and girl pies. They played with knuckle bones made from the girl hands. If they try to escape a loud siren goes on and then they have to do a pass
code.   Author Teague

Today something very special happened. I got a magic spell put on me. I stamped my feet three times one two three and poof! Suddenly I turned into a stunning mermaid and I found that i was in Mermaid Land. When I turned I could see seaweed going side to side. I could hear the waves going swish swish! Suddenly I could hear something coming through the water wooosh! Then a voice shouted out "Hello my name is Rosy" they swam along together. They came across a dolphin that was stuck in a net so the mermaids ripped the net apart. The dolphin thanked them and they became friends and they swam away together.
Author Bella

Something sprinkled on my head. Suddenly I arrived at the hotel for monsters. There were vampires . It was at night. There are ghosts with glasses and red curly hair. There are ghosts coming out of the chimney. There are ginormous monsters with big blue skin. The hotel is brown with a green roof. When I was in the hotel it was dark and scary. The monsters had stairs because there are heaps of monsters and they need room to sleep. The people that sleep in the monster hotel the monsters scare them away to the forest and they will never return again.
Author Isaiah

I had glitter sprinkled on my head. It took me to a dragon world. The dragon let me get on him. A knight tried to kill us. Luckily the dragon and I were on a high rock. The dragon breathed out fire and killed the knight. It was a frosty day my dragon kept me warm by making a fire to keep us warm. My dragon went out to hunt for a deer to eat. Then the dragon brought the deer back. The dragon heated the deer up to eat. At night we went in our cave. I went to sleep. My dragon put his tail around me and protects me from predators. 
Author Mitchell    

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