Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Magic Key

We have been reading a series of books about a magic key. We have really enjoyed reading about the characters adventures. We wrote our own versions of a magic key adventure.

Poof went the glamorous box. "Oh no" I said "Something terrible is happening." I went to get Beau he said "What is happening?" I said "We are shrinking". "Oh no" Beau said "what is going to happen?". Suddenly we saw a mammoth sized shadow it walked on four legs it had baggy ears it was! His mouth had a pillow he was ripping apart and all the feathers went everywhere. When he was finished his mouthful he started to get closer and closer and Beau said "Uh oh" because the dog was getting closer. Luckily the dolls house was unlocked so we could get in but when we got in the dog's nose and mouth was sticking in the window and its jaw was trying to catch us. Suddenly the key began to glow so we quickly ran out of the dolls house and we got bigger and bigger.
Author Bella

I saw a big black box. I yelled Mum Mum. Mum yelled back and said "What's up?" I said "Forget it". Then Mum lept out of bed and ran into my room. Mum said "Give me that" then Mum opened it then...Poof. I turned into a legoman. I had holes at the bottom of my feet. I saw my lego motorbike and my lego house. I went to my motorbike... Brrm brrrm. Mum said "My lord". I laughed khhhh. Mum jumped on to my motorbike. I drove her around the house. Ahhhh we saw a humongous cockroach. I ran it over. the cockroach was flat as a flatfish. Poof I ran out with mum behind me. As we were running we got bigger and bigger. Finally we were us.
Author Louie

Crackle fizz! A treasure chest lid flung open. I woke up and then I hoped out of bed and put my slippers on and looked under my bed. I saw a key in the reasure chest. I yelled "Paige". She came running in she said "What". I announced "Paige I think this is a magic key". She was so surprised that she froze into an ice cube. Then we shrank into little fairies. Paige was so surprised that she unfroze. The magic grew yellow and we went into a purple tunnel. While we were in the tunnel we grew wings. We did not know that a rat was following us so we looked behind us and saw it. We said together "You mischievous rat". "Why are you following us?" He said "Because I want to eat you up for dinner". We screamed! We flew all the way out of the tunnel. Then...bang we fell out of the tunnel. "Ouch" we gasped. We were in a dolls house. We were just quietly exploring when... bang! bang! bang! Something was walking down the stairs. We were so afraid that we ran out of the dolls house down the magical tunnel ran in the room and grabbed the magic key sat down and shook the magic key wishing to be big again! The magic key would not work everything was so big so me and Paige just slept in my slippers. the slippers were like beds. It was so comfortable in my monkey slippers! In the morning we were in my slippers and were big so we were stuck! We wriggled and wriggled and still could not get out! So we stammered "Mum". She came rushing in and said "What". We said "We're stuck". She helped us out and we told her about our adventure. She said "Wow" after we told her.
Author Tayla
Wouldn't it be fun to have a magic key? Where would you go with your magic key?

Schnitzel Von Krumm have been really enjoying reading the Magic Key series. After reading they made a Pic Collage about where they would love the magic key to take them.



  1. I love the Biff, Chip and Kipper stories! I love reading about all their adventures! Your stories are just as exciting Room 5! Great work! What interesting words you have used....glamorous, stammered, mischievous...You have even used speech marks and included all those talking parts. Very clever!

  2. I LOVE the Magic Key books too! What amazing adventures you have created - I really enjoyed reading them! Where would I go if I had a magic key......Good question! I'm going to think about that!

  3. Awesome work room 5
    I really enjoyed reading that very descriptive writing
    well done