Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sharing Information

The Kidd-li-winks are learning to use a new app called Toon-tastic. Mrs H was going to get a Digi-kid to come and help us but we had our very own 6 year old Toon-tastic expert called Beau! The children have made cartoons to share information from their reading. It is tricky to put information we read in our own words. Made by Beau and Caitlyn Made by Emma Made by Faith Made by Thomas

Monday, June 24, 2013


We are learning to use onomatopaeia in our writing to make sounds in the readers head. Today we experimented with instruments to see how many different sounds we could make. Watch our video to see some of the sound words we came up with.
Onomatopoeia from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Filmed by Nick. Thank you to digi-kid Charlotte for your help making our movie.

Mrs H's Learning

I was at Richmond School on Friday learning with all the teachers. I learnt to use a new app called Toon-tastic. I have used at to share some information from an animal book I read. I can't wait for Room 5 to see what the Kidd-li-winks craete on Toon-tastic.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dribbling Skills

We have been learning how to dribble a basketball. There a lots of tips Mrs T has been teaching us.
The tips are
*Use the tips of our fingers
*Bounce the ball on the side of us
*Bounce the ball as high as our hips
*Keep your eyes up to see people trying to steal the ball off you
*Turn your back and bottom to protect the ball

Our challenge today was to make up a dribbling trick. Here are some of our awesome moves.

Dribbling Tricks from tracey hill on Vimeo.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Dinosaur Footprint Measuring

We are learning to measure length. We had dinosaur footprints in Room 5. We couldn't believe how big a dinosaur footprint is. They were ginormous.

Dinosaur Footprints on PhotoPeach

Friday, June 14, 2013

Building a tunnel for Mr Fox

We are reading our first novel Fantastic Mr Fox. It is so exciting because we each have a book and we get to follow along while Mrs H reads.

Our challenge was to build a tunnel for Mr Fox so he could get away from those bad farmers. We had to work together to solve problems as they came up.

Fantastic Mr Fox's Tunnel on PhotoPeach

Our Reflections
"I was pleased with me helping put the pipes together with Ella" Skyla
"I was pleased with everyone helping" Emma
"Something I would change is making it deeper next time" Mya
"I was pleased with other people helping other people with the tunnel and putting sand on the tunnel too" Ella
"Something I would change is build the tunnel longer" Faith
"I was pleased with how so many people were hard at work" Henrietta
"I was pleased with people showing PRIDE and people helping me" Justice
"Something I would change is to make a drop off" George
"I was pleased with how long we made the tunnel" Isaiah
"Something I was pleased with was how we figured out how we  got to their secret home" Beau
"Something I would change is the pipes with the blu tac holding the plastic on" Livy

"Something I was pleased with was how all of Room 5 helped to make the tunnel and how people tried lots of different ways of making the tunnel fit together" Mrs H 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Colour Poem

We have been writing colour poems. We have been trying to paint a picture in the readers head.

Pink is the colour of some butterflies delicate wings.
Pink is the inside of a rabbits floppy ears.
Pink is the colour of a worms squiggly skin.
Pink is the clouds at sunset.
Pink is the colour of lollipops at the dairy.
Pink is the colour of Emma's cheeks.

Poet Faith                                                                    

Red is the boiling lava. 
Red is the first colour of the rainbow.
Red is the colour of a flower that is called a rose
and when it pricks you red blood gushes out.
My sister Bree's cheeks turn red.

Poet Teague

Red is the coloour of the dark...screeching fire engine going to a ferocious fire.
Red is the colour of the exploding lava.
Red is the colour of the blooming rose.
Red is a shiny delicious apple.
Red is the colour of the crunch cracking...leaves.

Poet Beau

Blue is the shiny sky.
Blue is the slow ocean waves.
Blue is a diving dolphin.
Blue is the juicy blueberries.
Blue is the colour of the cold snow when it glitters.
Blue is the colour of shiny diamonds. 
Blue is the colour of some peoples glowing eyes.
Blue is the colour of a beautiful pukeko

Poet Livy

Black is the colour of my school shoes.
Black is the colour of my bouncy trampoline.
Black is the colour of my mum and dads dog.
Black is the colour of my new t-shirt from Farmers.
Black is the colour of a robot.

Poet Lucas

Do you notice the super vocabulary in our poems?

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Most Terrible Creature in the World

The Bottomly Potts reading group performed this play. Listen to how they change their voice when they read.
MTC In The World from tracey hill on Vimeo.
Mrs H was really proud of how well they worked together. They all helped each other when practising the play and making their gorgeous animal masks. The Most Terrible Creature in the World was very scary. People in Room 5 had no idea it was Emma. Awesome job Ems. Thanks to Teague for filming the play.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mystery Box

Here are the clues for Emma's item in the Mystery Box. I wonder what it could be?

1) It is the height of my hand.
2) It has wings.
3) It is pink and purple
4) Girls love them
5) It has four legs
6) It has a long tail
7) It has two ears but you can't see one of the ears

                                       What could it be?

It was a 'My Little Pony' coming soon. It is on Miss Patel's camera on its way to Auckland.