Friday, June 14, 2013

Building a tunnel for Mr Fox

We are reading our first novel Fantastic Mr Fox. It is so exciting because we each have a book and we get to follow along while Mrs H reads.

Our challenge was to build a tunnel for Mr Fox so he could get away from those bad farmers. We had to work together to solve problems as they came up.

Fantastic Mr Fox's Tunnel on PhotoPeach

Our Reflections
"I was pleased with me helping put the pipes together with Ella" Skyla
"I was pleased with everyone helping" Emma
"Something I would change is making it deeper next time" Mya
"I was pleased with other people helping other people with the tunnel and putting sand on the tunnel too" Ella
"Something I would change is build the tunnel longer" Faith
"I was pleased with how so many people were hard at work" Henrietta
"I was pleased with people showing PRIDE and people helping me" Justice
"Something I would change is to make a drop off" George
"I was pleased with how long we made the tunnel" Isaiah
"Something I was pleased with was how we figured out how we  got to their secret home" Beau
"Something I would change is the pipes with the blu tac holding the plastic on" Livy

"Something I was pleased with was how all of Room 5 helped to make the tunnel and how people tried lots of different ways of making the tunnel fit together" Mrs H 


  1. It was Really fun,but also it was hard

  2. Sharyn HeibnerSunday, June 16, 2013

    What Fantastic team work Room5! You guys looked very busy and deep in thought with helping Mr Fox get away from those bad farmers. Keep it Up!

  3. It was hard.

    Declan and Nick

  4. we were woerking together nisley in room 5. mya

  5. Great tunnel room 5.It was hard work.
    from Thomas and Henrietta.

  6. The tunnel was big. It was tricky to make.

  7. Great teamwork Room 5! Looks like you all had fun!