Monday, June 3, 2013

The Most Terrible Creature in the World

The Bottomly Potts reading group performed this play. Listen to how they change their voice when they read.
MTC In The World from tracey hill on Vimeo.
Mrs H was really proud of how well they worked together. They all helped each other when practising the play and making their gorgeous animal masks. The Most Terrible Creature in the World was very scary. People in Room 5 had no idea it was Emma. Awesome job Ems. Thanks to Teague for filming the play.


  1. Mum and Dad PottsMonday, June 03, 2013

    We love your play Bottomly Potts reading group!You changed your voices to be your character!Well done! What fantastic masks! Thomas we love your elephant mask! Great work!

  2. Well done Bottomly Potts! What beautiful reading from you all. I love your masks. I'm really looking forward to seeing you all again next term. From Miss Wilson

  3. Angela TownsendMonday, June 03, 2013

    Well done "Bottomly Potts" reading group! I love your masks you all made. You all read so well and the play was great! Dad and I are really proud of you Mitch!

  4. Great use of your voices Bottomley Potts. I love the masks!

  5. Mrs Morton/Henri's mumSunday, June 16, 2013

    Great play Bottomly Potts group. I had fun watching you make your masks and you did a briliant job of reading the play. So glad I finally saw it.

  6. Thank you 'Henrietta's Mum for your help and advice when we made our masks. Room 5 love having you come each Thursday.

  7. Well done Mitchell for playing in the play.