Saturday, March 16, 2013

Measuring Ourselves

We are filling up our treasure boxes with special things about us.

Painting our hands were so much fun and ticklish.
Mitchell said "It felt like someone licking your hand".

Bella measured the area of her handprint.
Look how carefully she put the beans on so there
were no gaps.

Piper is checking she has filled all the gaps on her handprint.

Kady is measuring how many blocks tall she is.
Look how carefully she has put the blocks next to each other  along her piece of string.

George measured how tall he is in sticks.
I wonder why George is 11 sticks tall and Kady is 41 blocks tall but George is taller than Kady?
How does that work?


  1. What super cool activities you guys do in your class! I love reading your blog and I would love to know how the measuring works! Come and tell me Kady when you figure it out!

  2. Wow Room 5 awesome learning. You showed some easy ways of how to measure different parts of your body.

    Kayla, Room 20

  3. Because George measured with stiks and kady measured with bloks . the bloks are smaler