Friday, March 1, 2013

Mystery Box

In Room 5 we have a Mystery Box. Each week one of us put something in the mystery box and write some clues for the rest of the class to guess what it is. We read the clues and think carefully in our head about what it might be. When we read the next clue we change our guesses in our heads. That is what super readers do.
Teague was the first person to put something  in the mystery box. Here are the clues he gave us.
*It is made out of wood and plastic.
*It can be many different colours.
*The surface is smooth and hard.
*It works best on the concrete.
*You need to make it move.

Great clues by Teague. His mystery object was...
A skateboard

Watch out for Mitchell's clues coming soon. We will post our clues each week  so you can comment and leave your guess.

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