Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Colour Science

We set up a science experiment with 3 cups. 1 was empty and 2 had coloured water. We used 2 paper towels to connect the cups.
We used our prior knowledge of what we use paper towels for to help us predict what might happen.
Some of our predictions
The paper towels will suck up all the water and there will be none left.
The water will move up the paper towels and go into the empty cup.
The water will mix and make an explosion.
The water will move up the paper towel and then drip on the table.
The colours will mix and make a new colour.
Room 5 decided they liked this idea and used their prior knowledge of mixing colours to guess what colour it would make.
We learnt some great new vocabulary.
Is a special science word for predicting.
Sucks up stuff like a sponge (with children making slurping sounds to explain it to each other)

Monica and Thomas made a Pic Collage to show how we carried out our experiment.

Amazingly the blue and yellow mixed together in the middle cup and made green water and the red and blue mixed together to make purple water.
We were left with a great Kidd-li-wink question. I wonder what would happen if we had lots of different colours and different cups?

Experiment photographer: Isaiah


  1. I really liked how the colours changed

  2. I love your pic collage Tom and Monica. I really want to have a go at that experiment myself soon! You are learning some great new science words! I wonder what your next experiment will be?