Thursday, October 24, 2013

Making colours

Beau had to show perseverance
to make his colour. Lots of adding.
Our challenge in maths was to make exact colours. We were like the paint shop where we had to match colours. We had the primary colours and had to use these to make new colours.

We had to calculate the how much of each colour we used.
George calculating how much he used
of each colour
Teague estimating how much more blue he needs
to make his green dark green

Calculations with a few water splashes

Boys making their colours 5mLs at a time

Te Au made his orange colour.

What a lot of fun with water everywhere. Surprisingly there was only one spill.  


  1. What fascinating maths Room 5! Clever measuring and calculations!

  2. WOW room 5 that's great work mixing colors together.
    Keep the all the great maths.