Thursday, July 4, 2013

Problem Solving Day Parachutes

Our challenge was to create a parachute for Rapunzel to get down from her tower because the prince never came to rescue her.
We planned, made, tested, made changes, tested some more, made more changes, tested some more and made more changes. Finally we went to the playground to see if our parachutes would bring Rapunzel down to safety. Some very creative problem solving!

While we were testing our parachutes on the playground Mr Gifkins came past and wanted us to test the safest parachute with 'Rapunzel the egg' instead of 'Rapunzel the doll'.
The winning teams were Ella & Louie and Bella & Caitlyn. 


  1. Great work room 5! Those parachutes look amazing, It looks like you put a lot of pride into them!
    Keep up the great work room 5.
    Cameron (Thomas Brother)

  2. Some cool parachutes


  3. Awesome room 5 you must be very good at making. And did any one help you make the parachute or did you do it yourself?