Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Book Characater Day

It was book character day at Parkvale. What an exciting day with all our favourite characters around the school.
Book Characters on PhotoPeach

Read some of our fantastic writing about our chracters

Here are my clues for my book character day. He has a long tail. he is very smart. He has pointy ears. He has 4 children and a wife. He can dig very very fast under ground. He eats chickens. He has a small nose. Who can my character be?

It was Fantastic Mr Fox. I got my material from Spotlight with Mum. It was warm and snuggly the material colour was brown. I love being Fantastic Mr Fox.

Author Thomas

Everyone at the library came to life and they came into my classroom. They are fairies, ballerinas, princesses, wolves, foxes, police, turtles, Captain Underpants, Harry Potters and dogs and mermaids. My character is a mermaid it sways in the ocean. My hair do is bright pink it glistens in the sunlight. It was funny to still be wearing a tail and still be able to walk.

Author Mya

I am a pirate. i have a belt and a pirate hat and a feather. I have a parrot on my right shoulder and  it is made out of a balloon and paper.

Author Lucas

My costume is a character from a book. Her name is Rapunzel because her hair is golden and plaited and has a flower in it. Rapunzel's cloak is pink like a flamingo. She lives in a tower that is in the sky. When I was organising my costume dad looked on the internet to see what she looked like. This morning my mum helped me attach my wig to my real hair. My mum did a really good job because Mrs H and Livy tried to get it out but they couldn't. My hair is long like the wig but it is brown like dirt and not gold! I really enjoyed being Rapunzel!

Author Tayla   


  1. I relly liked the book Characater Day

  2. Nice work room 5 I enjoyed your characters

  3. Great costumes room 5.

  4. Great clues and writing Room 5!Well done! Great clues Thomas..such a good description of your favourite character Mr Fox..You really enjoyed planning and wearing your costume xx

  5. Great costumes room 5! Looked so great in your costumes room 5. Great descriptions room 5.
    Did see room 16 here is the link:

  6. Great job on the costumes room 6. They look very fantastic. I cant tell you my favorite. But well done:)

  7. Room 5 made a beautiful job at character day
    I like Skyla's costume

  8. I liked the cool costumes.
    I liked the cool patterns on Mrs H's Bottomly Potts costume.
    I liked the cool colours on Emma's snow white costume.

  9. Wow Room 5,
    Awesome book character costumes.
    It is great that you all came to school dressed up.
    I could see heaps of characters like Captain Underpants , Princesses, Harry Potter, Some Wolfs and Lora.
    Great work Room 5

  10. I love the dress ups that are amazing.
    It reminded me of all my favorite books.
    Whats the secrete to be fantastic.
    Keep it up:)

  11. Awesome work room 5!!!
    I liked the Wolves and I like the TMNT costume,
    I've seen the movie TMNT.
    Keep up the good work!!

  12. Those are some cool costumes.
    Sponge bob and the cowboy look really cool.

  13. I love the book character pictures! So cute! I especially loved Isaiah's and Liv's (:
    -Miss. Patel

  14. WOW great job you guys those are amazing pictures and great story well done keep up the great work :-)