Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Angry Verbs

We have been working with our buddy class Room 16 to learn about verbs. Super verbs help paint a picture for the reader when we are writing.

We went out with our buddy class with lots of different PE gear. While we were playing with our buddies we came up with a whole lot of verbs.

2013-01-29 00.59.39 2013-01-29 01.00.55 2013-01-29 01.01.24 2013-01-29 01.03.37 2013-01-29 01.11.48 2013-01-29 01.13.34

We got back together with our buddies and watched some Angry Birds and came up with verbs for the birds and piggies What verbs can you think of when you watch this trailer?

Here are the verbs Room 5 and 16 came up with together.


  1. I think of smashing, bouncing, and breaking!
    Very cool, room 5!
    I can really see what verbs you are describing here!

    Sincerely, Teva Tait.

  2. Awesome Room 5.
    Doing the verbs with you have been so fun.
    The verbs that I came up with are, fly, flying and flew.
    I also came up with miss, missed and missing.
    Well done:-)

  3. Hi Room 5
    I really like how you thought about the verbs and the different tenses for each verb. I thought of crash, crashed, crashing!

    Great work - what are you going to do with all your wonderful verbs?

    Miss Lyall
    (Kowhai Room)

  4. Thank you Miss Lyall. We are in the middle of making a verb word wall. Hopefully we can post it before the end of term.