Monday, April 8, 2013

Mystery Box

Beau has something in our Mystery Box. What could it be?
Here are his clues
*It goes on dirt
*It has a number on it
*It has different sized wheels
*It has one seat
*It goes around in circles.

Leave a comment and guess what is in the Mystery Box.

Beau's Mystery Box item is a midget.

What an interesting item Beau. I learnt lots about what a midget does and what makes it special. 


  1. Hi Beau and Room 5,

    I am thinking it might be some type of go-kart.

    1. I think so too Mr M go Karts have differrent size wheels.

  2. Here is my guest Beau and Room 5,

    Maybe a monster track.

  3. Awesome Beau,

    I think it might be a go cart or some sort of car.

    I like that you had put a tricky question on your class blog.

    From Olivia ( Room 16 ) (Your buddy class )

  4. Awesome Beau!

    What a awesome thing to put on the blog.
    I think that the thing in the mystery box is some sort of a race car.
    Well done:-)