Friday, September 20, 2013

Assembly Item

 A few photos from our assembly item. I was very proud of all the Kidd-li-winks. You were fantastic little performers and put on a great show for the rest of the school. You worked hard to learn your parts and best of all you had fun and took a risk with your learning. So wonderful to see you all being the 'best you can be'.

Good luck island necklaces

All ready to start with a bang

The Cook Island flag
How to crack a coconut

It actually cracked

Beautiful hair being washed with coconut cream

Tahi, rua, toru, a
Counting the beat

Lovely hula girls

Boys showing their hula skills

The Kidd-li-winks all looking amazing on stage

Singing stars

Singing star

Video to come soon.


  1. It looked like you guys enjoyed the Assembly Item


  2. Room 5 i thought your assembly item was so AMAZING!! You were all superstars on stage! I loved your costumes and all the talents and skills you showed on stage! Well done to you all!! You should all be VERY proud of yourselves! Mrs H i would love copies of some of your photos!

  3. I really enjoyed watching your assembly item room 5. Lucas I was so proud of how you got up and talked in front of the whole school. Awesome stuff! Anna Wild

    1. Yes Lucas you were fantastic. Well done! From Mrs Potts

  4. Great photos! Especially love the shot of Beau and Faith.

    I really enjoyed your assembly item, Room 5. I had a smile on my face the whole way. The name song was a perfect way to end it too. Well done, everybody.