Thursday, September 26, 2013

Talking Tins

We are so lucky because the PTA bought us some talking tins. Talking tins are things where you can record yourself talking and then listen back to it. We have been using them to practise reading fluently. Together we decided what reading fluently sounds like.
Isaiah listening to his fluent reading
Livy self assessing her reading
 When you are reading at home think about reading fluently and what that sounds like.

Nick's clever thinking of putting
the talking tin on the pole
Ella thinking carefully about
reading fluently
"I remembered to stop at the
fullstops and just a little stop
at the comma"said Te Au

A huge thank you to the PTA for our talking tins. We love using them and they are going to help us to improve our reading. 


  1. Wow! Room 5 you are all going to be fantastic fluent readers after using the Talking Tins. I love the idea of putting them onto the poles and developing success criteria. I saw some of you using them today. Keep up the great learning in Room 5.

  2. I liked listening to my reading

  3. Room one can't wait to start using their talking tins!!