Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Describing Shoes

We have been learning to add detail to our writing. We are trying to paint a picture in the readers head when they read our writing.

The Kidd-li-winks all took off their shoes and lined them up. Surprisingly our classroom still smelt alright. Everyone secretly chose a pair of shoes to write about. We listened to writing and had to guess which shoes matched the writing.







 Can you use the clues to guess which shoes each piece of writing is about?

The shoes are pink and they have pink sparkling laces. hey have butterflies on them and they have a little bit of purple. At the tip of the shoe it has light white and has shiny white sparkles. It has a purple and pink tongue and it has no sparkles at all. It is hiding under the laces. They have dark pink in the inside. 
Author Tayla

The shoes are jet black with a colourful love heart on them. They have clean white soles. It has four silver circle eyelets. the shoes can just slip off easily. They have black line stitching to hold it altogether. It has a little black tongue in the middle of them. The shoes are size 12. They would fit a Nga Tipu person. 
Author Skyla

The shoes have light orange on the bottom. They have orange laces with velcro across the top. When the velcro comes off it goes ca ca ca ca. It has a black tongue and it has grip that has been worn out. It has a mouth for the stinky feet to go in.
Author George

The shoes have white laces and ten holes. It is white and black. They have silver dots on them. It is for basketball people. It has nets on the tongue. It has circles and stripes on the grips and it has laces on the top. It is a little bit silver.
Author Nick

The shoes have got laces and the colour is white. They have white soles on the bottom of the shoes and the colour of the shoe is red. The shoes have been on lots of times because it has worn lots.
Author Ella

Thank you to Mrs Ramsay and Room 6 for a wonderful writing idea :)

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  1. Beau thinks that Taylas are number2 Skylas is number5 George is number1 nick is number3 Ellas is number7.