Thursday, May 9, 2013


We thought about something we would love to do or somewhere we would love to be. We made our pictures on Pic Collage. The Kidd-li-winks love their pictures. There has been lots of laughing and amazed gasps.

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I went to the beach and a horse came racing past it splashed water at me. Splish...splash, splish...splash. It became my friend. I hopped on the horse. It was smooth. I said "Giddy up". Me and my new friend went walking on the dry sand. We went to see if someone was riding a horse. We went over the mountains and through the gorges and over the tree stumps. We went home at last. When we got home the horse could not fit in the door way. I pushed and pushed but it still didn't go in but... it farted in my face so I quickly pushed and it squeezed through. "I think I am allowed to keep the horse".

Author Faith

I was getting ready to climb Mount Everest. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. While I was walking up Mount Everest I puffed then I stopped to have a rest because I was so tired. At last I got to the top of Mount Everest I said "yahhhooooo!" I was shivering and my heart was beating because I was on top of the world.

Author Teague

Mrs Hill brought Chester to my vet because he kept on vomiting because he ate too much underpants and socks. I got the stethoscope to see if his heart was still beating. I got the x-ray to see if he was eating underpants and socks. The x-ray showed that there was two pairs of underpants and two pairs of socks. I got them out with green slime because it helps them to poo them out. When it came out it looked like slimy green diarrhoea. When he was better he went home and Mrs Hill decided to pick up her underpants and her socks and never leave them on the ground again.

Author Henrietta

I am holding on to my grizzly bear with my hands tightly. The water is making a wave around my grizzly bear splashing water on my shoes as well. A fish flew out of the water into the bears mouth and the bear chomped on the fish. The fish was gone and we played hide and seek with all the other grizzly bears in the dark woods. We hid in the dragons cave and we stayed in there playing paper, scissors, rock. I got paper and my grizzly bear got scissors then the dragon woke up and fire came out of  his mouth! I leapt onto my bear and we ran away fast to tell all the grizzly bears to race back to the water.

Author Te Au

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  1. Angela TownsendMonday, May 13, 2013

    Wow these pictures are so cool Room 5!
    What great imaginations you all have.
    Keep up the great work.