Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Three Little Pig Houses

We have been reading lots of different fairytales and thinking of ways the characters could solve the problems in the story. The Three Little Pigs had a problem- the pigs' houses weren't strong enough so the wolf blew it down.
We used hay, sticks and bricks to build houses. We tried lots of different ways to make the houses strong. Mrs H and Miss Patel were so impressed with how we showed determination when our first ideas didn't work.

Can you see that naughty Big Bad Wolf that
was trying to blow down our houses?

Working together so well
Mark #3...determination!

One idea

Discussed and changed to make this house.
The Big Bad Wolf couldn't blow it down.
Isaiah taught us triangles make things strong.
A very strong brick house.

Building a house out of hay is tricky, but the builders never gave  up.

The Big Bad Wolf could only blow a few sticks off this house.


  1. Your houses look fantastic Room 5. I think i know which house i would like to live in so the bad wolf doesn't get me!

  2. Awesome room 5,
    What great determination you have showed.
    How long did it take you to build the houses?

  3. i was in the straw house

  4. The houesis made out of stics straw and lego were brilliant.