Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Nogard

We have been learning to make a picture in our head when we read.

We read about the Nogard. We used the clues to make a picture in our head. It helped us understand what sort of creature a Nogard is. None of us had ever heard of a Nogard. Have you?

We used the clues to draw in Paint. 



Here is the piece of writing about a Nogard
A Nogard is an animal. It has an oval shaped body.It has a long neck and tail.The top of the neck, back and tail are covered with a row of triangle shaped plates. The Nogard's head is shaped like a long triangle. It has big eyes and eyebrows that stick out. It also has big nostrils. It's body is covered in scales. The Nogard has four short legs. At the end of each leg there is a foot with five toes. Each toe has a sharp claw at the end. The Nogard has two wings attached to its body. Nogards are usually green but change to a deep purple in the winter months. 
Author Sheena Cameron


  1. Wow Thomas mum and dad love your Nogard!! You have drawn him following those clues so carefully!! Well done. We love the scales and the triangle shaped plates. Room 5 i don't think i would like to meet a Nogard! Would you??

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  3. frist i thote it was a graf from livy

  4. I like Mr Fatastice Mr foxs tunel.